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Best Practices Collection

The NJDOE strives to provide a high quality education to all students in New Jersey. The NJDOE Office of Charter and Renaissance Schools has worked with New Jersey charter schools to gather best practices with the hope of sharing innovative strategies and opening lines of communication. To request additional information or submit a best practice for consideration, please email Julie Bunt.


Performance Area 1: Education Program and Capacity

Indicator Best Practice Resource

1.1 Mission and Key Design Elements
The school is faithful to its mission and has implemented the key design elements included in its charter.

  • College Preparation and Access
  • Education Program and Capacity

LEAP Academy Charter School

Elysian Charter School

1.2 Curriculum
The school has a comprehensive curriculum.


LEAP Academy Charter School

1.3 Instruction
The school demonstrates high- quality instruction across all classrooms.

Use of Data to Drive Instructional Leadership and Instruction

North Star Academy

1.4 Assessment 
The school has an assessment system that improves instructional effectiveness and student learning.



1.5 Organizational Capacity
The school has a clear and well-functioning organizational structure that leads to continuous improvement.

Shared Leadership

Soaring Heights Charter School


Performance Area 2: School Culture and Climate

Indicator Best Practice Resource

2.1 School Culture and Climate
The school promotes a culture of high expectations and is safe, respectful and supportive.

Using data to quantify culture and climate

TEAM Charter School

2.2 Family and Community Engagement
The school actively engages families and the community towards achieving its mission.

  • Achieve Empowerment 
  • School based health, wellness and behavioral services 
  • Parents as stakeholders 

Pride Academy Charter School
(Dissemination Grant Recipient)
LEAP Academy Charter School
LEAP Academy Charter School


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