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New Jersey Tiered System of Supports

New Jersey Tiered System of Supports- Early Reading Grant Initiative

Given New Jersey's need to better identify and provide early reading intervention to students with disabilities and/or significant reading difficulties, NJDOE has prioritized the implementation of a multi-tiered system of reading supports.  The purpose of this project is to build capacity to implement the New Jersey Tiered System of Support for Early Reading (NJTSS-ER) via strategic personnel development. The project will result in (a) increased state-, district-, and school- level leadership and high-quality professional development in NJTSS-ER; (b) increased fidelity of NJTSS-ER implementation; and (c) improved reading skills for students with disabilities and/or those requiring intervention.

Training in NJTSS-ER components will initially be provided to state-level personnel, who, with coaching, will in turn train and coach district and school teams with district-level coaches responsible for ongoing and sustainable school support in NJTSS-ER. Training will be provided to district and school teams representing 60 schools. The evaluation will investigate (a) the extent to which leadership and PD are provided at state, district, and school levels; (b) the fidelity of NJTSS-ER implementation in schools; (c) early reading performance for students; and (d) the allocation of funds to ongoing technical assistance.

NEW - New Jersey Tiered System of Supports-Early Reading (NJTSS-ER) Professional Development Application-Cohort 3