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Division of Medicinal Marijuana

Checklist for Physicians

  • Login to using the username and password you created when registering for the NJMMP.
  • Select the Physician Statement tab.
  • Select Create/Search Authorization.
  • Select Add Statement.
  • Provide patient information (as noted by the red asterisk) and qualifying medical condition.
  • Authorize that patient has a qualifying medical condition for medicinal marijuana.
  • Select an authorization period of up to 360 days. This time frame determines how many days a patient may purchase medical marijuana before being reevaluated. Upon expiration of the selected timeframe, you must re-assess the patient’s condition and determine whether to continue their use of medicinal marijuana for an additional period.
  • Select an amount of medicinal marijuana using the drop down box(es).
    Note*:  Health care practitioners may authorize a maximum amount of three ounces of marijuana in a 30 day period. Terminal patients have no limit under the law.
  • Verify the accuracy of all entered information.
  • Complete attending health care practitioner statement and submit to MMP registry.
  • Receive patient reference number from MMP.
  • Provide patient a copy of their Attending Health Care Practitioner Statement to register with MMP.
    Note*:  Instruct the patient to initiate their registration process by visiting the Patient Registry web site at


Questions regarding this process will be addressed by contacting the MMP Customer Service Unit at (609) 292-0424 or

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