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Cannabis Regulatory Commission

Medicinal Cannabis Program

Under the Jake Honig Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act, New Jersey’s Medicinal Cannabis Program (previously the Medicinal Marijuana Program) helps registered patients under the care of licensed medicinal practitioners safely access cannabis-based medicine from regulated and monitored facilities. 
As part of medicinal treatment, patients receive cannabis orders from their doctor or other health care practitioner of up to 3 oz for every 30-day period. Cannabis orders are filled at one of the state-licensed Alternative Treatment Centers (ATC) across New Jersey. Patients unable to travel to an ATC may designate and register caregivers to make purchases on their behalf. 
Stay Safe. Stay Legal. 

Being a registered Medicinal Cannabis Program (MCP) patient comes with a responsibility to be compliant with New Jersey cannabis-related laws and regulations. Adherence to the law will minimize health risks, and prevent legal infractions.  

  • Patients and caregivers should carry proper identification, including MCP cards, at all times.
  • Medicinal cannabis should be kept in its original labeled packaging.
  • Patients are encouraged to use medicinal cannabis only at home.
  • Keep medicinal cannabis at home and only transport it when absolutely necessary. Understand that the smell cannabis could attract law enforcement attention.
  • Do not share your dose with anyone. Medicinal cannabis is intended solely for the consumption of the registered patient.
  • Do not smoke on federal lands, or in federal buildings.
  • Do not smoke in a private vehicle in motion.
  • The law does not currently permit home grow. Patients and caregivers are not permitted to grow cannabis or be in possession of a cannabis plant.
  • Do not operate an automobile, aircraft, railroad train, stationary heavy equipment or a vessel while under the influence of medicinal cannabis.
  • Do not transport medicinal cannabis across state lines.
  • Return unwanted medicinal cannabis to an ATC. The person returning the cannabis for disposal should present a valid registry identification card, a New Jersey driver’s license or other state-issued photo ID.

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