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License Applications

The Cannabis Regulatory Commission issues licenses for medicinal and recreational cannabis business operations in New Jersey. Each business requires a license, which must be active and in good standing, to perform any commercial cannabis activity, including:

  • Growing cannabis plants
  • Storing cannabis and cannabis products
  • Making cannabis products
  • Transporting or delivering cannabis and cannabis products
  • Selling cannabis and cannabis products
  • Testing cannabis and cannabis products

We are currently accepting applications for personal use (recreational) cannabis businesses in the following categories:

  • Class 1 Cultivator Licenses
  • Class 2 Manufacturer Licenses
  • Class 5 Retailers
  • Testing Laboratories

License applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis until indicated otherwise. Social Equity Businesses, Diversely-Owned Businesses, Impact Zone Businesses, and applications that receive bonus points will be afforded priority review, scoring, and approval.

There is no established limit on the number of cannabis business licenses available statewide. 

The Notice of Application outlines:

  • Eligibility requirements
  • Prioritization processes
  • Application requirements, including a list of necessary forms and supporting documents
  • Scoring methodology
  • How approval or denial is determined

Before you Apply

  • Decide what kind of business you want to establish.
    • Cultivator – grow cannabis
    • *Manufacturer – produce cannabis goods
    • *Wholesaler – store, buy and/or sell bulk cannabis and cannabis products
    • *Distributors – transport bulk cannabis and cannabis products
    • Retailer – purchase cannabis and cannabis products from licensed cultivators, manufacturers, and/or wholesalers for sale to consumers in a retail store
    • *Delivery – transport retail purchased cannabis and cannabis products to consumers
    • Diversely-owned business – certified minority-owned, woman-owned, disabled veteran-owned
    • Social Equity business – owned by people who have lived in an Economically Disadvantaged Area
    • Impact Zone business – located in an Impact Zone, owned by people from an Impact Zone, or employing residents of Impact Zones
    • Conditional License – interim status that gives applicants 120 days to find site, secure municipal approval, and apply for conversion to annual license
    • Microbusiness – 10 employees or less and 2500 square feet or less of operation space
  • Look into the municipal regulations regarding cannabis business where you intend to establish your business
  • Determine whether you qualify as a priority applicant
  • Check off all the items on the pre-application check list 
  • Read through the Application Guide and review the Application Platform demo video.

*Recreational cannabis businesses

Applying for a License & Opening a Cannabis Business FAQs

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