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Office of Finance and Research
Inventory of Program Offerings at
New Jersey Colleges and Universities

How to Search the Inventory

You may search for programs of interest by several criteria, including:

Successful searches will return:
  1. the name of the institution, which will be a link to that institution's home page if it has one,
  2. the name of the degree or award and the level of the offering,
  3. the name of the program,
  4. the 4-digit 'CIP' code and a description of that 4-digit category,
  5. the county and region of the state in which the institution is located, and
  6. the NJ higher education sector of which the institution is a member.

Records are returned in alphabetical order by institution name, and, within each institution's records, by degree level (pre-associate to post-doctoral), alphabetically by degree name, then alphabetically by program name.


In section A., type what you want to search for in the first box. You must enter at least two characters. You may enter up to 7 words or groups of characters (the first few characters of a word will often be sufficient, if unique), separated by spaces. Examples

  • Searches are NOT case sensitive and all searches in section A. are "AND" searches.
  • Because there are a wide variety of specific degree names, searches by level, such as "bachelor" or "master", will avoid excluding programs with less common degree names. On the other hand, if you are looking for a specific degree such as an M.Div., an M.B.A., a B.S.B.A., or a D.E., a search for the name rather than the level would be more appropriate.
2.  If you want to search only in a particular field, select it in the second box.

3.  Click on the button labeled "Search in one or all fields".
  • A maximum of 500 records will be displayed, 25 per page. If your search returns more than 500 records, only the first 500 will be displayed, and you should narrow your search.
  • Please note that each search is independent, i.e., what is entered in section A. will have no effect on searches conducted in Section B. or C.

To search by an institution or a program code, scroll down the page to section B. or C. on the Search page. 

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