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January 2022
AG vs DMAHS & Atlantic County

AN vs Bergen County

HL vs DMAHS & Monmouth Cty

IF vs DMAHS & Ocean County

JR vs Horizon NJ


LD vs DMAHS & Middlesex Cty

MC vs InspiraLife Vineland

RO vs DMAHS & Monmouth Cty
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BC vs MonmouthCounty

EK vs DMAHS & MorrisCounty

FV vs BurlingtonCounty

JL vs SussexCounty


LW vs UnitedHealthcare

ME vs DMAHS & MonmouthCounty

MJF vs MorrisCounty

RM vs Middlesex County

TJS vs UnitedHealthcare

TO vs DMAHS & BurlingtonCounty

WF vs MorrisCounty
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B.F. v DMAHS & Ocean County

D.C. v DMAHS & CumberlandCounty

E.M. v DMAHS & MonmouthCounty

E.P. v Horizon

F.H. v DMAHS & Camden County

J.B. v DMAHS & Union County

J.K. v DMAHS & Morris County


A.S. v United Healthcare

M.D. v DMAHS & GloucesterCounty

M.G. v DMAHS & Ocean County

M.H. v DMAHS & Atlantic County

N.M. v MorrisCounty

P.C. v Morris County

R.B. v DMAHS & Burlington County

R.W.R. v United Healthcare

Y.N. v United Healthcare

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A.C. vs UnionCounty

A.D. vs UnitedHealthcare

A.G. vs UnitedHealthcare

B.P. vs AtlanticCounty

B.T. vs MFD

D.T. vs DMAHS & MiddlesexCounty

E.C. vs CapeMayCounty

F.E. vs DMAHS & EssexCounty

G.C. vs MonmouthCounty

J.H. vs DMAHS & MonmouthCounty

J.L. vs HorizonNJ Health


J.S. vs DMAHS & MorrisCounty

K.O. vs DMAHS & MorrisCounty


L.C. vs DMAHS & UnionCounty

L.E. vs DMAHS & OceanCounty

L.S. vs EssexCounty

M.C. vs DMAHS & MorrisCounty

M.C. vs HudsonCounty

M.L. vs UnitedHealthcare

M.T. vs DMAHS & UnionCounty


P.D. vs AtlanticCounty

P.R. vs DMAHS & AtlanticCounty

S.A. vs HudsonCounty

S.G. vs DMAHS & HudsonCounty

S.W. vs SomersetCounty
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