Circulars are policy directives and/or procedures that are required to be followed by executive branch departments/agencies. Below is a listing of active Circular Letters; including the current year Circular Index.
Financial Payroll Year-end Guidelines Fiscal Year 2019 19-08-OMB
Payment to Vendors 19-07-OMB
Group-Term Life Insurance in Excess of $50,000 19-06-OMB
Taxability Of The Personal Use Of State Provided Vehicles And Driver Services 19-05-OMB
"Employee Benefit" Reimbursement Rates 19-04-OMB
Capital construction fees and contingencies and requisitioning procedures. 19-03-OMB/DPMC
Annual Internal Control Reporting 19-02-OMB
Circular Index by Year and Classification with Current Contact Information 19-01-OMB
Requests for Waivers of Advertising 18-14-DPP
Fiscal Year End Reporting 2018 - Inventory, Capital Assets, Executive Order 225, Software Reporting, Impairments, And Certification Requirements 18-13-OMB
Federal and Other Non-State Funding and Central Support Indirect and Administrative Costs 18-12-OMB
Purchases from Federal Supply Schedules or Schedules of Other Federal Procurement Programs 18-10-DPP
Guidelines For Backup Withholding 18-09-OMB
Guidelines for the Establishment and Operation of Special and Confidential Funds 18-08-OMB
Guidelines for the Establishment and Operation of Petty Cash Funds 18-07-OMB
Procurements of Information Technology (IT) Hardware, Software, Subscription-Based Solutions and Related Services and Non-It Equipment 18-03-OMB/DPP/OIT
Excess/Surplus Property Procedures Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) 18-02-DPMC/DPP
Master Lease/Line of Credit (LOC) Program 17-12-OPF/OMB
Excess/Surplus Property - Creditable Emissions Reduction (CERS) 17-08-DPMC/DPP
State Of New Jersey Purchasing Card Program 17-07-DPP
Procurement of State Motor Vehicles


State Vehicular Assignment and Use Policy 17-05-ADM
Travel Regulations 16-11-OMB
State Vendor Set-Off for Collection of Employer's Debt to Unemployment Insurance Fund, Disability Fund, and/or Family Temporary Disability Account 16-10-OMB/DOL
State Vendor Set-Off for State Tax 16-09-OMB/TAX
Standards For Printed Stationary, Use Of State Seal, Etc. 16-06-ADM
Delegated Purchasing Authority (DPA)


Departmental Responsibility and Procedure for Loss to Real or Personal Property
or Other State Assets
Single Audit Policy for Recipients of Federal Grants, State Grants, and State Aid 15-08-OMB
Vision Care Reimbursment Program 15-07-OMB
Guidelines for Tracking Disaster/Emergency Expenses 15-06-OMB
Telephone Billing 15-05-OMB/OIT
Assignment and Use of State Owned Cellular Wireless Devices 15-04-OMB/OIT
Minimum Communications Wiring Requirements for State-Owned and State Leased
Employer's Share of FICA/Medicare Taxes Charged to Federal and Non-State Funded Programs - Calendar Year 2014 14-14-OMB
Enterprise Electronic Mail Retention And Disposition Framework 14-12-DORES/OIT
Regular and Supplemental Payroll Cut-Off Time 14-09-OMB
State Contract Manager 14-08-DPP
Professional Services: Review Control Monitoring and Extensions 14-07-DPP/OMB/OIT
State of New Jersey Travel Card Program 14-03-DPP
Mandatory Direct Deposit and Online Access for NJ State Employees 13-19-OMB
Disposition of Excess & Surplus Computer Equipment 13-18-DPP
Statewide Non-Tax Debt Collection And Write-Off 13-11-OMB
Rules and Regulations for State Using Agency Occupying State Leased or Owned Properties 13-02-DPMC
Deposits by State Agencies 12-02-OMB
Asset Inventory Requirements (Equipment-Tangible and Intangible) 11-19-OMB
Capital Assets 11-18-OMB
Procedures for the Acquisition of Furniture and Carpeting 11-13-DPMC
Entertainment, Meals, and Refreshments 11-09-OMB
Off-line Funds 10-19-OMB
Delegation of Authority -- Small Construction Projects 10-16-DPMC
Payroll Printed Message and Paycheck Distribution Policy 10-12-OMB/ADM
Banking Services 10-11-OMB
Microfilming of Public Records and Purchase of Micrographic Equipment 10-08-ST
State Vehicle Parking Violation Control Policy 10-07-ADM
Motor Fuel Credit Card Assignment and Use 10-06-ADM
New State Energy Tracking System and Policy for Payment of Energy Invoices 10-04-OES/OMB
Tuition Reimbursement and Training Costs 10-03-OMB
Automated Records Management/Storage Systems and Related Services 10-02-OMB
State Employee Work Location Code 09-14-CSC/PMC/OMB
Refund of Payroll Checks 09-12-OMB
Recovery of Unemployment Benefits from Back-Pay Awards 08-17-OMB
Disposal of Surplus State Real Property & Granting Easement/Licenses Across
State Lands
Excess/Surplus Property Procedures 08-03-DPP
Grant Agreements - Agency Contracts 07-05-OMB
Form 1099 Issuance 07-04-OMB
Payment of Lawsuit Awards and Settlements 06-10-OMB
Accounting for the Purchase of Goods or Services from State Colleges and Universities 05-14-OMB
Federal Funds 05-02-OMB
Delineation of Authority 04-15-OMB
Federal Treasury Offsets 04-12-OMB
Managing Electronic Mail: Guidelines and Best Practices 03-10-ST
Automated Clearinghouse (Ach) Payment Pre-Notification 02-11-OMB
EZ Pass Toll Accounts (Revised) 01-11-OMB
Non-Purchase Bureau Encumbrances and Expenditures 01-04-OMB
Automobile Mileage Reimbursement Rate 01-02-OMB
UETA Guidance 01-01-ST
Health Benefit and Dental Expense Programs 00-18-OMB
Commutation Mileage Payments Accounting and Taxability 99-08-OMB
Use of the State of New Jersey Payment Voucher by State Agencies 98-17-OMB
Transfer Guidelines 98-12-OMB
Building Condemnation and Demolition 97-10-GSA
Admin of Public Records of Privatized County & Local Func & Svcs 97-07-SCA
Administration of Public Records of Privatized Functions & Svcs 97-05-ST
Acquisitions of Real Property by State Agencies 95-22-GSA
Leasing Out of State Real Property 95-21-GSA
Effective Use of Photocopiers 95-15-GSA
Audits Of State Agencies 95-13-OMB
Intra-governmental Payment Vouchers 95-08-OMB
State expenditure recoveries from Federal government 94-26-OMB
Dishonored Checks 94-23-OMB
Hold Checks 94-17-OMB
Reimbursement for Employee Benefits 94-09-OMB
Credits to Salary Accounts 94-06-OMB
Changes to OMB Circular Letters Due to Implementation of CFS 94-02-OMB
Debarments, Suspensions, and Disqualifications 93-13-GSA
Employee Membership in the State's Retirement System 91-29-OMB
Fiscal Note Procedures 91-13-OMB
Funds 101, 141, and 151 91-03-OMB
Steel Shelving Review & Procurement Procedures 90-10-GSA
Excise Tax on Gasoline and Diesel Fuel 88-23-OMB
Transfer of Real Property between State Agencies (PFM-07-88) 88-07-GSA