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A Self-Directed Learning Program

History has shown that employees may experience behavioral or personal problems, which if unresolved, can have a profound effect on their overall well-being and job performance. Consultation with and assistance to work organizations through organizational development processes can enhance management's value for quality performance.

As first responders, we must recognize that being involved in critical incidents can often expose us to situations which can be emotionally and psychologically stressful. At times, these situations cannot be resolved through normal stress coping mechanisms.  This self-directed learning program has been developed to assist emergency responders better understand that a build-up of stress may occur from responding to critical incidents, and suggest recommendations for taking care of one's self or others.

The objectives of this program will help the first responder:

  • Better understand stress and its association to critical incident response,
  • Build an awareness of self care techniques and available resources,
  • Recognize symptoms in one's self and in others, and
  • Not intended to certify you as a clinical care professional.


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