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Welcome to the New Jersey Korean War Veterans Memorial Website

The New Jersey Korean War Veterans Memorial, like the previously completed Vietnam Veterans Memorial, will help to heal the spiritual and psychological wounds suffered by the Korean War veterans, their families and friends. Part of the healing process is to understand America’s involvement in that struggle, what it accomplished, and the contribution of our men and women who served.

The New Jersey Korean War Veterans Memorial was created to ensure that future generations remember and honor the pride and dedication of those who served, the legacy they continued, and the freedom they preserved.

The veterans of the Korean War saved South Korea from a tragic fate. In the long term, comparing conditions today in the North with those of the South, it is easy to see that South Korea could not have achieved the prosperity and fulfillment it enjoys today if it had been under the kind of repressive government that has tightly gripped North Korea since that time.

However painful, frustrating and unsatisfactory the Korean War may have been for Americans, it secured an important victory for democracy in South Korea.

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New Jersey Korean War Veterans Memorial

Fallen heroes list updated.

Photos added from the 2005 NJ Korean War Memorial Commemoration Ceremony.

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