How to use CAIR

How to make an inquiry using the CAIR Program

To make an inquiry, you must enter a license plate number, driver license number or vehicle identification number (VIN).
A license plate number inquiry will provide (only currently registered plates):

  • Owner’s name and address
  • Vehicle Information
  • Leased vehicle status
  • Recent transaction dates

The driver license number inquiry will give you a driver history abstract and/driver status.
A VIN inquiry will provideĀ  (only currently titled vehicles/vessels):

  • Original mileage
  • Mileage status
  • Lien holder names and addresses
  • Year/Make/Model

If you opt to use the Ownership History option, the New Jersey VIN data will also be provided (restricted to Insurance Companies ONLY).

If you have technical difficulties
You may contact the MVC's CAIR unit at 609-292-4572.
Individual User Guide [pdf]
Batch User Guide [pdf]