Licensing Fees

Various fees are required for completing the initial application and license renewal process.

Initial license application fees
Initial Private Inspection Facility Fee
Private Inspection Motorcycle License $25
Two-year Emission Registration Facility $50
Two-year Emission Inspector License* $50


Renewal fees
Private Inspection Facility
Private Inspection Motorcycle License $25
Emission Repair Facility $50

Inspection, re-inspection and certification fees

A Private Inspection Facility (PIF) cannot charge a fee of more than $2.50 for an approval sticker.

Inspection service fees charged by a PIF must be clearly posted, in a public area, for the customer’s inspection. Since the inspection service fees are market driven, the PIF can determine the charge for inspection. In addition, the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) requires a written statement of the inspection service fees to be on file. An additional fee for the approval sticker cannot exceed $2.50.

A PIF cannot charge a re-inspection fee if the PIF performs repairs on a rejected vehicle. When performing a vehicle re-inspection, the PIF can charge a fee based on the normal hourly labor rate for repair service. This fee would be in accordance with the average time established by MVC (Table “A” Rate Chart) and published in the inspection manual for that specific rejection item.

Upon repair or certification that repairs were made of all defects that caused a failed inspection at a State Inspection Station or another PIF, a $2.50 sticker fee and no more than the amount authorized by the vehicle owner for the repair service can be charged.

*Additional testing and training may be required prior to renewal of an inspector license.