Military CDL Skills Waiver Program FAQ



Who is eligible to receive the Military CDL Skills Test Waiver?


  • Applicants who are Active, Reserve, or discharged military personnel within the the 12 months and have both of the following are eligible.
    • Valid New Jersey driver’s license and a current or expired military CDL license 

What do I need to qualify for the Military CDL Skills Test Waiver?


  • You will need all of the following documents in order to qualify for the Military CDL Skills Test Waiver:
    • A valid New Jersey driver’s license.
    • A current or expired Military CDL License (within the last 12 months).
    • 6 Points of ID including a valid New Jersey Class D Driver’s License, social security number and proof of home address.
    • A completed application for Military CDL Skills Test Waiver certified by the commanding officer’s name/rank.
    • A CDL Holder Self-Certificate.
    • A Medical Examiner’s Certificate.

Do I need to be active military when I apply?

  • Although you do not have to be currently active military, an applicant must be either employed, or have been employed within the last 12 months, in a military position requiring the operation of a military motor vehicle equivalent to a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV).

What CDL Class license can I get with the waiver?

  • You can only apply for a Class A or Class B without a School bus, Passenger or a Hazardous Material endorsement.  You may add these endorsements later.

Can I get a Class B school bus license?

What if my commanding officer is stationed overseas?

  • Your records are accessible on the military database and any commanding officer can retrieve the required information in order to complete the forms.

Where can I get the Military CDL Skills Test Waiver Form?

  • The Military CDL Skills Test Waiver, CDL Holder Self-Certificate and Medical Examiner’s Certificate can be found on the Related Links section of this page (see below).

Can I get the waiver if I have an out of state driver’s license?

  • No. If you do not have a valid New Jersey Class D license and a CDL Military License, the waiver does not apply.

Do I need to purchase a permit?

  • Yes. You will still need to purchase a CDL permit.

Do I need to take a written test?

  • Yes. You must pass the applicable written knowledge test.

Do I need to take a vision test?

  • Yes.  All applicants need to pass a vision screening test. An applicant must have 20/40 vision with or without corrective lenses in both eyes and you must be able to distinguish between red, green and amber lights.

Can I use the permit to add endorsements that are not covered under the waiver?

  • Yes. The permit is good for six months, once you get your CDL License you can use the permit to take other written and road tests during the remaining time left on the permit.

Can I go to any MVC office to process the waiver?

  • No. You must go to a motor vehicle agency that offers driver testing.

Will I receive my new CDL License the same day that I take and pass my written test?

  • Yes. So long as you pass the written test, vision test, bring all the required completed documents and provide the proper identification, you will get your CDL license the same day.

Can I transfer my NJ CDL to another state?

  • Yes. CDL requirements adhere to federal guidelines that all states must follow.