2 + 1 + 6 = REAL ID

You have now completed all of the steps necessary to prepare for the MVC’s REAL ID Verification. To ensure that your trip to the MVC goes as smoothly as possible, print this page and bring it, along with your selected documents, to a Motor Vehicle Agency.

Your selected documents:

  • Valid NJ driver license/non-driver identification card, or a Motor Vehicle Commission issued driver license renewal form (displaying residential address)
  • Utility or credit card bill issued in the past 90 days
  • Social Security Card
  • Unexpired US passport or passport card
  • Unexpired standard photo driver license from NJ or any state, or US Territory, and the District of Columbia
  • Social Security card

Note: Financial information can be blacked out.

Get It Right the First Time!

Every ID document you show must be an original, or a certified copy marked with a state or municipal seal. If any of your documents don’t meet this requirement, or if any appear altered or false or are deemed invalid for any reason, you may be required to submit additional documentation. Submitting your Social Security number is required by state law.

Note for Married Women and others with Name Changes

Civil birth certificates are common ID documents, and we want everyone to be able to use them for ID Verification. However, if you have changed your name since birth (for example, when you got married), you will need to show one or more documents that link your old name to your new name.

If you have changed your name since birth, you will need one of the following items for ID Verification:

  • A civil marriage certificate is all that most people will need.
    Just make sure that it meets these guidelines:
  • Issued by the municipality in which you were married, not by a religious entity
  • Photocopies are not accepted
  • Multiple civil marriage certificates will be necessary if you have been married more than once and changed your name each time
  • An official court order for a name change will be necessary if you have legally changed your name for any other reason