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Guidelines I Directives
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Attorney General Guidelines
  • Alcotest
8/27/09 - Installation of dedicated telephone line for the testing of Alcotest, deadline 9/25/09 View announcement pdf
Alternate Care for Arrestee's Dependents Model Policy (Updated December 1993)
Attorney General's Guidelines for Forfeiture (Updated October 1992)
Guidelines Regarding the "Substantially Identical" Provision in the State's Assault Firearms Laws (Updated August 1996)
Bias Incident Investigation Standards (Updated 2019) pdf
  • Brimage Guidelines 2
Brimage Guidelines 2 Revised Attorney General Guidelines for Negotiating Cases Under N.J.S.A. 2C:35-12 Revised 2004, Effective for Offenses Committed on or after September 15, 2004
  • Conducted Energy Devices
See Below – Use of Force – Conducted Energy Devices (Stun-Guns)
Attorney General Standards to Ensure the Rights of Crime Victims (Updated April 1993)
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Court
Implementation of Drug Court Reforms (August 13, 2012)
Attorney General's Executive Directive Concerning Law Enforcement Operations On Or Near School Property (Updated August 1988)
Revised December, 2020
  • DWI Enforcement
  • "John's Law" -- Potential Liability Warning and Mandatory 12-Hour Impoundment of Motor Vehicles
  • Prosecution of DWI and Refusal Violations - These Guidelines replace all previously issued memoranda from the Division of Criminal Justice or the Attorney General, regarding the Standard (Refusal) Statements for DWI refusal, CDL/DWI refusal and OVWI refusal. Date Issued** January 24, 2005
  • Penalty Table -- ** SENTENCES & PENALTIES SELECTED MV OFFENSES updated 2005
  • DMV Standard Refusal Statements -- DMV Standard Refusal Statements-Revised Effective **April 26, 2004--for Operators of Motor Vehicles.
  • Eyewitness ID Guidelines

Guidelines Regarding Reasonably Necessary Deviations in the Course of Travel Exception for Transporting Firearms Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2C:39-6g.

Semi-Annual Firearms Qualification and Requalification Standards for New Jersey Law Enforcement (Revised May 2003 & Effective January 1, 2004)

Deciding to Apply for a Waiver of Forfeiture of Public Office - Guidelines with Criteria

State of New Jersey-Forfeiture Program Administration Standard Operating Procedure


Attorney General Prohibits Municipal Court Plea Offers to "No Point" Violations for Graduated Drivers Licenses. pdf
Attorney General Directive to Ensure Uniform Enforcement of the "Graves Act" (October 23, 2008, amended November 25, 2008)
Homicide and Sudden Death Survivor Guidelines (Updated July 1985)
  • Immigration
AG Directives 2007-3 -- Guidelines to establish the manner in which local, county, and State law enforcement agencies and officers shall interact with federal immigration authorities.
Guidelines on the collections, handling, storage and dissemination of Intelligence in New Jersey. pdf
  • Internal Affairs
Internal Affairs Policy and Procedures pdf
***(Revised, November 2017)
  • Insurance Fraud Laws
Implementation Insurance Fraud Laws, effective June 9, 2004 N.J.S.A. 39:3-29 & 3-29 & 39:3-29.1a - Warrant of Impoundment pdf
  • Juvenile Matters
K-9 Training Standards and Qualification Requirements for New Jersey Law Enforcement ***(Updated July 2002) pdf
  • Law Enforcement
LAW ENFORCEMENT COMPUTERS-- Shared Municipal and Police Computer Systems (ADDED SEPTEMBER 2000) pdf
  Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004 (P.L. 108-277 (H.R. 218)
  Notice to Law Enforcement Concerning New Unlawful Eviction Law - July 20, 2009
Mandatory In-Service Law Enforcement Training: Revised 4/00 pdf

Interim Guidance Regarding Marijuana Decriminalization
This document provides guidance to law enforcement officers regarding new enforcement requirements pursuant to the marijuana decriminalization law.

  • Medical Marijuana and Marijuana
Medical Marijuana Enforcement Guidelines for Police, (with Attorney General memo) — December 6, 2012

Medical Marijuana Enforcement Quick Overview — December 6, 2012

Memorandum of Guidance Regarding Municipal Prosecutors’ Discretion in Prosecuting Marijuana and Other Criminal Offenses — August 29, 2018
Policy of the Attorney General Regarding Missing and Unidentified Persons Investigations (Updated December 1987)
  • Municipal COVID-19 Guidance
Municipal COVID-19 Guidance pdf - 6/16/20
Guidance Regarding Municipal Prosecutorsí Discretion in Prosecuting COVID-19 Related Offenses
  • Overdose Prevention Act
Directive to Ensure Uniform Statewide Enforcement of the "Overdose Prevention Act" — June 25, 2013
  • Property and Evidence Function
The Property and Evidence Function
(October 1989) Booklet
  • Prosecutions of Public Officials
Prosecutions of Public Officials - 5/31/07 pdf
  • Records of Police Departments

Executive Order No. 11 (Updated November 1974)

Executive Order No. 69 (Updated March 1998)

  • Search Warrants


DIRECTIVE No. 2002-2--Memo and Form -- "Search Warrant Application Form" pdf -- August 23, 2002

  • Sexual Assault Plea Negotiations
5/29/14 - AG's Uniform Plea Negotiation Guidelines to Implement the Jessica Lunsford Act, P.L. 2014, c. 7 (Assembly Bill No. 892)
Sexual Assault Victims - Attorney General Standards for Providing Services to Victims of Sexual Assault (3rd Ed. November 2018) pdf
Attorney General Guidelines -- Prosecution of Shoplifting Offenses -- (ADDED JANUARY 2001)
INTERIM POLICY STATEMENT of the New Jersey Attorney General and the New Jersey County Prosecutors' Association regarding Electronic Recordation of Stationhouse Confessions -- Please see Directive 2006-2 for update >>

Memorialization of Electronic Recordation of Custodial Interrogation of Suspect in Custodial Station House Setting Download PDF form >>
Attorney General's Strip Search and Body Cavity Search Requirements and Procedures for Police Officers (Updated June 1995)
2001 - Use of Force Policy
*** (Revised JUNE 2000)
*** (New Model Report included as of JULY 2001)

2015 Police Use of Deadly Force Policy

2020 - AG Guidance on Chokeholds and Neck Restraints

Conducted Energy Devices (Stun Guns):

Less-Lethal Ammunition

***New Jersey Police Vehicular Pursuit Policy pdf
Includes Appendix with fillable files, Police Pursuit Incident Report and Police Pursuit Summary Report
*** (Updated September 2009)

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