New Jersey State Parole Board

New Jersey State Parole Board

Research and Grants Unit

The Research and Grants Unit is responsible for conducting in-house research for the State Parole Board, which includes: developing research questions based on gaps in current literature or employee requests; identifying appropriate variables and necessary measures and procedures to address research questions; evaluating existing and/or creating new survey instruments; analyzing data; and submitting research reports and policy recommendations.  

The Unit regularly seeks and applies for local, state, and federal grant funding. Unit members engage in planning, implementation, and evaluation of grant-funded programs.  

The Unit supports the research projects and data requests of outside researchers. And, the Unit works in collaboration with university researchers throughout the State of New Jersey to develop and evaluate State Parole Board programs and to inform current and future policies with the goal of bolstering parolee success. 

This Unit is also responsible for overseeing the Internship Program. Members of this Unit attend career and internship fairs at New Jersey universities to recruit interested students. 

Last Updated: 10/06/2021

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