Public Employment Relations Commission

Introduction/Agency Overview


PERC resolves questions regarding public-sector collective negotiations units, including definition, employee placement, and majority representation. PERC determines the scope of negotiations, provides mediation services for negotiation impasses, and maintains panels of outside factfinders and arbitrators to aid in contract formation and dispute resolution. PERC also reviews charges of unfair labor practices, such as a failure to negotiate or represent in good faith and interference with the specific rights under N.J.S.A. 34:13A-1 et seq., including filing grievances and joining with, assisting, and receiving the assistance of employees and employee organizations.

More detailed information is available throughout this website, including an explanatory brochure, frequently asked questions, the law and rules that govern PERC, as well as agency forms and a list of some other federal and State agencies with jurisdiction over other workplace issues.

Contacting PERC

Address, telephone, e-mail and fax information is listed here. Detailed directions to our offices are also included.