Students will identify factors that influence the development and life-span of Pinelands industries.

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Pinelands Industries Student Worksheet
Pinelands Dates Fact Sheet
Pinelands National Reserve Fact Sheet
Pinelands Industry Descriptions Fact Sheets
Pinelands People Fact Sheet
Pinelands People & Industry Quiz
Answer Key for the Pinelands People & Industry Quiz

Ask students "What is an industry?" After students understand the meaning of industry, ask them for some examples of Pinelands industries. If they have seen the audio-visual program, The New Jersey Pinelands, Our Country's First National Reserve, they should recall some of the industries mentioned. Write the names of these industries on the chalk board.

Students may not remember or know all of the Pinelands industries. A worksheet entitled "Industries within the Boundaries of the Pinelands National Reserve"is provided which lists many of them. Have students work in pairs to identify the resources necessary for each industry. An example is provided. There is also space for students to answer whether or not each industry continues to be a "major Pinelands industry today" and a space for listing the reason(s) why or why not.

After students have completed the worksheet, give them copies of the fact sheets entitled "Some Important Dates in Pinelands Prehistory and History", "The New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve", "Descriptions of Some Past and Present Pinelands Industries", and "Pinelands People". Read and review these fact sheets with students and have them check their worksheet answers. Finally, conduct a classroom discussion based on the worksheet responses.


A quiz entitled "Pinelands People and Industries" is provided to assess students comprehension.



1. Construct a class display of industrial products from the Pinelands, past and present. The display may include types of products produced in the Pinelands if actual items are not available. Products containing blueberries and cranberries can be used in place of or in addition to the actual berries.

Plan a class trip to the historic village of Batsto located along Route 542 In Washington Township, Burlington County. Once at Batsto, look for clues to living conditions (sizes of homes, conveniences, etc.), location of factory, operation of factory (source of power, resources), and signs of intervention by man (plants that are not found in surrounding Pinelands forests such as fruit trees, shrubs, landscaping, dams, dikes, cleared fields, etc.). Present your findings by producing a guidebook for others, a slide presentation, or a collection of sketches and writings.

3. Imagine you are a business consultant with a national reputation for giving sound advice to those planning new businesses. What advice would you give a young man planning to take his life's savings to start an iron smelting plant in the Pinelands? List your ideas on a piece of paper and be ready to present them in a class discussion.

This lesson will introduce the students to the following vocabulary words:(click on the word to see its definition-use your browser's back button to return to this page)

industry, natural resources, non-renewable resources, renewable resources

This lesson covers the following New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards. Clicking on the standard number will take you to the complete text of the standard. You must use your browser's "BACK" button to return to this page from the linked Core Curriculum Standard pages.

Science standards:

5.12-All students will develop an understanding of the environment as a system of interdependent components affected by human activity and natural phenomena.

Social Studies standards:

6.3-All students will acquire historical understanding of political and diplomatic ideas, forces, and institutions throughout the history of New Jersey, the United States, and the world.

6.5-All students will acquire historical understanding of varying cultures throughout the history of New Jersey, the United States, and the world.

6.6- All students will acquire historical understanding of the economic forces, ideas, and institutions throughout the history of New Jersey, the United States, and the world.

6.8-All students will acquire geographic understanding by studying human systems in geography.

6.9-All students will acquire geographical understanding by studying the environment and society.

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