After reviewing and discussing the fact sheets for Pinelands Prehistory and History , the Pinelands National Reserve , Pinelands Industries, and Pinelands People, answer each of the following statements by circling either TRUE or FALSE:

True/False 1.
The Lenape Indians were the first people to live in the Pinelands
True/False 2.
Settlers from Long Island and New England built small fishing villages along the southern New Jersey coast.
True/False 3.
Wood was the most important natural resource for early Pinelands industries.
True/False 4.
Today iron-making is an important Pinelands industry.
True/False 5.
Cranberry and blueberry farmers depend on the water supply of the large Cohansey aquifer for their crops.
True/False 6. People of New Jersey's Pinelands live in the counties of Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Ocean
True/False 7.
Batsto was a major farming community in the 1800's
True/False 8.
Recreation--hiking, canoeing, swimming, fishing, camping--is a major Pinelands industry today.
True/False 9.
In 1878, the New Jersey legislature ruled against exporting (sending) Pinelands water to Philadelphia.
True/False 10.
People from many different countries have settled in the Pinelands
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