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There's a new place to get vital information on how to prepare your livestock and pets for disasters and resources you need during emergencies - the NJDA's Animal Emergency Response website at


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Disease Control Program/Reportable Disease List




Livestock Dealer Statutes 


NJ Fair and Show Animal Health Recommendations 

  Preventing Human Salmonella Infections linked to Contact with Live Poultry 




Programs and Services   Animal Diseases
Emergency Preparedness 
County Animal Response Teams (CART) 
Animal Diagnostic Laboratory 
  Animal Disease Traceability 
  Garden State Dairy Alliance
  NJCHAP - NJ Cattle Health Assurance Program
  NJSAGHAP - NJ Sheep and GOAT Health Assurance Program
  GlobalVetLink's Online EIA (Coggins) System 
  BQA - Beef Quality Assurance
  Swine Health Protection
  Monitored Flock
  NPIP - National Poultry Improvement Plan 


Feral Hogs 
Animal Disease Fact Sheets 
Avian Influenza 
Canine Influenza Virus 
  Equine Herpes Virus 
  Novel H1N1 Influenza 
  Swine Enteric Coronavirus Disease