The SADC in December 2008 appointed a Deed of Easement Subcommittee to examine various provisions of the farmland preservation Deed of Easement to determine where clarification may be needed to ensure consistent interpretation and related decision-making by the SADC and its preservation partners. 

This process is intended to clarify the SADC's interpretation of the Deed of Easement as it relates to the increasingly wide range of issues and landowner requests concerning permissible uses of preserved farmland. It is not intended to and will not impose any new requirements on landowners.

Guidance Documents
The Deed of Easement Subcommittee developed two reports intended to set forth guidance on how the SADC interprets the Deed of Easement in general, and specifically as it applies to recreational uses. The SADC accepted the reports on April 23, 2010, and directed that they be distributed for comment. The SADC reviewed comments and approved the General Guidance report at its May 26th meeting. The SADC plans to issue the principles contained in that report as a formal rule proposal at a future meeting. In response to comments received, the SADC has postponed further action on the Recreational Uses report until the On-Farm Direct Marketing/Agritourism AMP Working Group completes its work.

Distribution Memo (April 29, 2010)
Report #1: General Guidance (as approved by the SADC on May 26, 2011)
Report #2: Recreational Uses (draft as distributed on April 29, 2010)