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2014 Charter School Expedited Application Technical Assistance
The Charter School Application will no longer be available on-line. Individuals will have to register for the TA above to get access to the application.

Educator Evaluation System Guidelines for New Jersey Charter Schools

Charter School Performance Framework

A charter school is a public school that operates as its own Local Education Agency (LEA) under a charter granted by the Commissioner. The New Jersey Department of Education is the State Education Agency (SEA) and sole charter school authorizer in New Jersey and is responsible for setting the standards for and holding current and future public charter schools accountable for providing New Jersey students with a high-quality public education.

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The Pace Charter School
Pace Charter School of Hamilton

Firmly committed to remaining a high quality school with small classes, Pace Charter School of Hamilton has kept each of its kindergarten through third grade classes to just 15 students.

Princeton Charter School

Princeton Charter SchoolPrinceton Charter School is designed to make children explore and wonder about the world.