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Fish and Species Availability Information
Seafood Suppliers Information Search
Seafood Product Search
Harvest Facts and Figures
Seafood Exporters & Importers (pdf 66k)
Aquaculture Directory
Eastern United States of America Fish & Seafood Exporters Guide of Companies and Products (pdf 2,201k)
Share Our Maritime Heritage (pdf 1,972k)
The Status and Condition of New Jersey's Marine Fisheries and Seafood Industries (pdf 6,635k)
Common and Scientific Names of Fish and Shellfish in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (pdf 600k)
Oyster Industry Revitalization Task Force Report (pdf 9,917k)

Seafood Related Web Sites

Aquatic Network (AquaNET): AquaNET covers a variety of areas including information on aquaculture, fisheries, oceanography, and limnology. News and employment in these areas is also featured.

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute: Explore and discover the exceptional quality and superior flavor of Alaska seafood.

American Culinary Federation: The American Culinary Federation, Inc., a professional, not-for-profit organization for chefs, was founded in 1929 in New York City by three chefs' organizations: the Society Culinaire Philanthropique, The Vatel Club and The Chefs Association of America. The principal goal of the founding chefs remains true to the ACF today - to promote a professional image of the American chef worldwide through education among culinarians at all levels, from apprentices to the most accomplished certified master chefs of the culinary arts.

American Fisheries Society: The oldest and largest professional society representing fisheries scientists.

American Fishermen's Research Foundation: A non-profit organization funded entirely by U.S., Canadian, and New Zealand albacore fishermen and processors to aid, encourage, promote and support science and education relating to Pacific albacore tuna.

American Heart Association: The American Heart Association was founded in 1924 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. We have offices in communities throughout the United States, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Our mission is to reduce disability and death from cardiovascular diseases, including stroke.

American Society of Limnology & Oceanography:
Promotes the interests of limnology, oceanography and related sciences, to foster the exchange of information across the range of aquatic science, and to further investigations dealing with these subjects.

American Tilapia Association: Supports and facilitates the growth of Tilapia production and consumption within the United States.

American Zoo and Aquarium Association: Representing every professionally operated zoological park, aquarium, oceanarium, and wildlife park in North America.

Aquaculture Clearinghouse: Operated by SeaWeb, a project designed to raise awareness of the world ocean and the life within it.

AquaNIC: Supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the National Sea Grant College Program, AquaNIC provides a central website for finding information about U.S. aquaculture.

At-Sea Processor's Association: Represents U.S.-flag catcher/processor vessels that participate in the healthy and abundant groundfish fisheries of the Bering Sea.

Australian Seafood Industry Council: The Australian Seafood Industry Council is the primary body representing the commercial fishing, aquaculture and post-harvest seafood industries in Australia.

Chesapeake Bay Watermen's Museum: To preserve the heritage of the watermen of the Chesapeake Bay; to interpret their culture and their contribution to the region; to provide and support educational opportunities; to preserve and enhance the environment of the Chesapeake Bay.

Chilean Seafood Exchange: A producer-sponsored clearinghouse for quality assured fresh frozen seafood from three continents.

FishBase: A global information system claiming to provide "all you ever wanted to know about fishes" and practically all known fish species, FishBase is a relational database with biological information for research scientists, fisheries managers, zoologists and others.

Fishermen's Marketing Association: The Fishermen's Marketing Association represents commercial groundfish and shrimp fishermen from San Pedro, California to Bellingham, Washington.

Fishing for Information: Supported by the British consulting firm Stirling Aquaculture, this site provides a broad collection of Internet resources in aquatic science with particular emphasis on aquaculture and fisheries.

Food Marketing Institute: The Food Marketing Institute provides information on food safety, health, and food marketing.

Go Frozen: This seafood auction site allow the meeting of seafood buyers and sellers.

Heads Up! Women's Coalition for Pacific Fisheries and Oregon Sea Grant:
Fisheries news uniting the West Coast.

International Fishery Law: Maintained by an individual as a non-profit and non-commercial venture, this site provides a comprehensive resource center for information on international fishery law and management. The site has a collection of international agreements and other documents relating to international fisheries, information on international fishery organizations, a glossary of fisheries terms, and a large collection of links to other sites.

International Marine Mammal Association:
Dedicated to the conservation of marine mammals and their habitats worldwide, through research and education.

Japan Fisheries Association: The Japan Fisheries Association is the umbrella organization for the entire fishing industry of Japan.

Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board: Recipes to satisfy any palate; Louisiana seafood news on nutrition, ecology, marketing, and other topics of interest; marketing services to make buying and selling Louisiana seafood easy; a directory of seafood suppliers; an education page offering videos and booklets about the families who built the industry, recommendations on actual places to visit in Louisiana, and seafood study units.

Maine Lobster Promotion Council: The Maine Lobster Promotion Council markets and promotes the sale of Maine lobster in local, regional, national and world markets year-round; encourages education and training of all customers including wholesale, retail, and food service as well as end consumers, about how to handle, prepare, serve, promote and sell Maine lobster.

Marine Affairs: Compiled by a professor at the University of Rhode Island's Department of Marine Affairs, this Web site provides a multitude of links to relevant marine affairs programs and institutions.

Marine Fish Conservation Network: A coalition of more than 100 national and regional environmental organizations, commercial and recreational fishing groups, and marine science groups dedicated to conserving marine fisheries and to promoting their long-term sustainability, the Marine Fish Conservation Network manages a Web site.

Marine Protected Areas: Created jointly by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Department of the Interior, this Web site provides a broad range of material on this approach to managing marine resources.

Maryland Watermen's Association:
Dedicated to the interests of all who derive beauty and benefit from Maryland's Chesapeake Bay Waters.

MCBI Links to Resources: The Marine Biological Conservation Institute Web site provides a large list of other Web sites for international marine-related institutions and programs.

Massachusetts Lobstermen's Association: Since its beginnings, the Massachusetts Lobstermen's Association Inc. has always worked to help this states lobstermen meet the challenges they face. It has worked to conserve the resource on which the lobstermen depend. Today, it is the major voice of the Massachusetts lobster industry.

National Aquaculture Association: Working to represent all segments of the U.S. aquaculture community at a national level, the National Aquaculture Association has a Web site.

National Fisherman: National Fisherman covers updated commercial fishing news, boats, boatbuilding, gear, fishing technology and fishery resource information.

National Marine Fisheries Service: NMFS provides services and products to support domestic and international fisheries management operations, fisheries development, trade and industry assistance activities, enforcement, protected species and habitat conservation operations.

New England Fisheries Development Association:
A free resource for those looking for reliable information on the seafood industry in New England.

New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium: A cooperative center for the study of marine and environmental science. In a state whose entire 127-mile eastern border fronts the Atlantic Ocean, the NJMSC founders foresaw a need for research and education to manage and preserve New Jersey's coastal resources. The NJMSC, one of the largest alliances of its kind in the United States, boasts a membership of 29 colleges and universities, the majority from New Jersey, as well as several from neighboring states including New York and Pennsylvania.

New Jersey Seafood Harvesters Association: This is a site about, by and for New Jersey's fish and seafood industry.

New Zealand Seafood Industry Council: The New Zealand Seafood Industry Council Ltd (SeaFIC) represents and meets the industry needs of fishers, harvesters, the aquaculture sector, processors, retailers and exporters.

North Carolina Fisheries Association: The North Carolina Fisheries Association has proudly represented the commercial fishing industry since 1952.

Northwest Fisheries Association: The Northwest Fisheries Association currently represents approximately 140 member companies, including primary and secondary seafood processors, seafood brokers and distributors, and direct-support industry members. These businesses, primarily from Washington, Alaska and Canada, produce a wide variety of fish and shellfish products, and distribute them worldwide.

Ocean Trust:
Ocean Trust is a member-supported ocean conservation foundation directed by scientists, naturalists, chefs, musicians, and fisherman who share an interest in the ocean and our dependence on its resources. We conduct research, education, and environmental enhancement projects on fishery, ocean wildlife and marine ecosystem issues.

Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission: Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission is an industry-funded agency that operates under the umbrella of the Oregon Department of Agriculture's Commodity Commission Program. This unique program allows 'growers' to tax themselves and then use the pooled funds to increase their commodity's recognition, value and use. The ODCC's stated mission is to enhance the image of the Dungeness crab industry, and to increase opportunities for profitability through promotion, education and research.

Oregon Trawl Commission: An online manual to further educate the retailer about the major trawl species delivered to retailers throughout Oregon.

Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations:
The largest and most politically active trade association of commercial fishermen on the West Coast.

Sea Urchin Harvesters Association: Represents sea urchin harvesters and processors.

Seafood Business: A copy of the current month's issue of this publication can be viewed.

US Department of Commerce: Internet services, department initiatives, trade missions, department publications.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), information on fishery programs is available on a Web site.

U.S. Trout Farmers Association: Organized by a group of trout farmers interested in creating a strong, unified voice for the national trout industry, the U.S. Trout Farmers Association has a Web site.

Virginia Marine Products Board: Agriculture and Marine Products information & services.

West Coast Seafood Processors Association:
The West Coast Seafood Processors Association (WCSPA) exists to serve the needs of the shore-based seafood processors in California, Oregon, and Washington, who must fight to survive in the face of today's economic, environmental, and regulatory challenges.

Western Fishboat Owners Association:
Everything you want to know about albacore tuna - about the fish, the fishery and the fishermen.

World Aquaculture: Created by two private individuals, this Web site was designed to present an extensive, dynamic database of information pertaining to aquaculture.

WorldCatch: A site dedicated to providing secure, efficient and effective online tools to grow your business globally.

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