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2002 Marine Fishing Issue of the Fish and Wildlife DIGEST

This Digest is available in enlarged format for the visually impaired. To request a black and white, large format Digest, write to: NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, Large Format Marine Digest, P.O. Box 400, Trenton, NJ 08625-0400.
The 2002 Marine Fishing Issue of the Fish and Wildlife DIGEST is available on-line in .pdf format. It is available in its entirety or, for your convenience, in six separate sections plus the summary sheet. The printable .pdf files are viewable with the Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free from Adobe's Web site. File size is given for estimating download time on your connection.

Please note that The Marine Issue of the Fish and Wildlife DIGEST is published in May and the regulations contained in it remain in effect until changed. For information on current or pending salt water regulations, watch our homepage for news releases. Marine Fisheries staff can be contacted at 609-748-2020.

Complete 2002 Marine Issue of the Fish and Wildlife DIGEST (4.5mb)
2002 Marine Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary Sheet (105kb)

Pages 1 - 7 Contains: Director's Message; Table of Contents; Phone Directory; Publications Available; Governor's Surf Fishing Tournament; Atlantic Croaker Profile; NJ Wildlife Viewing Guide Information; and advertisements. (830kb)

Pages 8 - 9 Contains: Tautog Fishing Has Been Great, So Why More Restrictions? article; and advertisements. (1mb)

Pages 10 - 13 Contains: Stripers - Just How Old is That Fish? article; Boat Motor Oil Recycling;and advertisements. (690kb)

Pages 14 - 21 Contains: Regulatory Update; Summary of Marine Fish and Shellfish Regulations; Wild Spaces & Open Spaces Map Information; Recreational Fishing Seasons Possessions & Minimum Size Limits Summary Table; NJ Marine Fish ID; Motor Boat Regulations Information; NJO Information; Shellfish and Non-Commercial Crab Pot License Info; and advertisements. (690kb)

Pages 22 - 27 Contains: Striped Bass Bonus Program Application; Terrapin Excluders and Biodegradable Panels Required on Chesapeake-Style Crab Pots; Conserve Wildlife License Plate Information; Releasing Hooked Fish Information; Aquaculture Development Zones Proposed for Coastal Waters article; Sea Run Brown Trout Program Information; Adopt-A-Reef Habitat Information; Guide to Fishing and Diving NJ Reefs Information; Sedge Island Conservation Zone article; Sport Fish Restoration Program; Marine Recreational Fishery Statistics Survey; Boat Ramp Maintenance Permit Information; and advertisements. (660kb)

Pages 28 - 36 Contains: Decision Makers: Fisheries Management Councils and Commissions - Who Are These People, Anyway? article; Clean Vessel Act Program; Accessible Fishing Sites Information; Fish and Crab Consumption Health Advisories; Skillful Angler Awards Program; Coastal Workshop for Teachers Information; Outdoor Skills Workshop for Women Information; NJ Free Fishing Days; and advertisements. (760kb)

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2002 Marine Commercial Fishing Regulations (134kb)

Digest Advertising
The Division of Fish and Wildlife incorporates advertising in each issue of the New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Digest to defray publishing and printing costs. This responsible use of funding permits the Division to expand communication and outreach efforts with the sportsmen and women who enjoy our wildlife resources.

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