Warren Grove Bogs Preserve
Stafford Township, Ocean County
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Preserve Info

The cranberry bogs and Atlantic white cedar forests along the East Branch of the Wading River have been part of a working pinelands landscape for decades. Owned for generations by the Cervetto family, the area now known as Warren Grove Bogs Preserve will provide protected habitat for rare and endangered plants and animals. With help from beavers, the abandoned cranberry bogs have reverted into a diverse and productive habitat of shallow water and lush emergent vegetation offering food and cover for migratory waterfowl. The evening calling of Pine Barrens tree frogs may be heard from within the young stands of Atlantic white cedars. Remote parts of the Preserve support more mature stands of cedar. Onsite portions of the Little Plains Natural Heritage Priority site are classified as a Dwarf Pitch Pine natural vegetation community type. These areas are suitable habitat for pine snake and timber rattlesnake. 

Donated to the Trust by Route 539 LLC as part of a NJDEP Land Use permit, the scenic property will link other conservation lands including Bass River State Park, Warren Grove Recreation Area and Stafford Forge Wildlife Management Area. 

Public Access and Uses

The property has extensive frontage on Route 539, north of the village of Warren Grove, Ocean County. Sand roads and dikes provide foot trails for hikers. The Trust allows registration for deer hunting at this preserve.

Warren Grove Bogs Preserve