New Jersey Department of Education

Application Process

Submitting an Application to the Department

The NJDOE administers two application rounds for charter schools – one in March and another, for experienced operators of educational institutions, in October. Additional information can be found on the Application Rounds section of the website.

New Jersey education regulations N.J.A.C. 6A:11-2.1 have a full description of the application process.

To submit an application for a new charter school, download the application form (Word|PDF) and follow the instructions included.


Application Review

The NJDOE evaluates each application to determine whether the applicant has the capacity to open and operate a high-quality charter school. The application process is conducted in two phases. After the NJDOE reviews the Phase One Applications, the Commissioner invites qualified applicants to submit Phase Two Applications. Subsequent to NJDOE's Phase Two review, the Commissioner notifies applicants of whether or not they have been invited to interview. Following the in-depth interviews, the Commissioner notifies applicants regarding approval or denial of applications.


Preparedness Review Process

Approved charter applicants must successfully complete the NJDOE's preparedness review before being granted a final charter and allowed to open. This review process occurs in June of the year the applicant is scheduled to open and is designed to determine whether approved applicants have the structures in place to ensure academic success, equitability, financial viability and organizational soundness. After a thorough review, the Commissioner will render a final decision in July for charters to open their doors in September.

New Jersey education regulations N.J.A.C. 6A:11-2.1 have a full description of the preparedness process.


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