New Jersey Department of Education

The Investigation Unit

The Investigations Unit (IU) conducts investigations of New Jersey school districts initiated by an external complaint or by a directive from the Commissioner.  Upon review of the complaint, the manager determines educational, investigative sufficiency before assigning to an investigator or if warranted, refer to another office within the Department or another State Agency.  Upon completion of the investigation, the final report is issued to the district named in the complaint and the Department’s leadership.  After the report issuance, all required regulatory actions, pursuant to N.J.A.C 6A:23A-5.6, are in effect.  The case is ultimately closed upon the receipt, review and acceptance of the board approved corrective action plan (CAP).  IU also performs investigations of certificated school district employees on behalf of the Division of Field Support & Services, Office of Recruitment, Preparation & Certification (ORPC).  Lastly, IU performs, on behalf of the Office of Student Protection (OSP), criminal history reconciliations of school districts and school bus vendors to ensure employees have current criminal history background checks.

File a Complaint

 Any citizen in New Jersey with cause can file a complaint with these guidlines:

  • Provide contact information including
    • Name
    • Email
    • Phone Number
  • Provide all relevant details
    • Distrtict
    • Name of School
    • Nature of Complaint
  • Submit Complaint

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