New Jersey Department of Education

New Jersey Public Schools Fact Sheet 2022-2023

Most of the information reported is based on data collected in the Fall of the current school year.  Dropout rates and graduation rates are based on the previous school year's data.

Total Number of Local Educational Agencies
Local Educational Agencies 697
Operating School Districts 593
Charter Schools 85
Renaissance Schools 3
Non-operating School Districts 16
Number of Schools
Note: Elementary schools include any combination of preschool to grade eight. Secondary schools include any combination of grades 9 to 12. Schools that include elementary and secondary grades are categorized as Combined (Elementary and Secondary).
Total 2,511
Elementary 2,006
Secondary 397
Combined (Elementary and Secondary) 108
State Aid
State Aid $9.92 billion
Public School Enrollment 1.3 million
Charter School Enrollment 58,569
Note: Total count of full-time equivalent (FTE) classroom teachers. Fact sheets from previous years provided a head count.
Number of Classroom Teachers  116,698
Dropouts (2021-2022)
Dropout Rate 1.2%
Graduation Rate (2021-2022)
Four-year Graduation Rate 91%
Administrators and Supervisors $135,133
Classroom Teachers $77,619
Educational Support Services $81,263
District Superintendents $185,658
Principals $137,250
Median Salaries
Note: This section has been calculated using only full-time personnel whose jobs are strictly within the categories listed. If a staff member's job assignments fall into multiple categories, they were not used in the calculation.

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