New Jersey Department of Education

Staff Evaluation

These files contain state- and district-level educator evaluation data. Evaluation data of a particular employee is confidential in accordance with the TEACHNJ Act and N.J.S.A.18A:6-120. It is not to be made accessible to the public pursuant to the Open Public Records Act and will not be released. Therefore, data made available does not include anything personally identifiable for a teacher or principal/AP/VP. The suppression rules applied to these files are modeled on the rules used for the publication of grade-level student test scores. The suppressed records are indicated by an asterisk (*):

  1. Records that have n-size < 10 are suppressed, e.g., if 9 or fewer staff received a rating of Ineffective, the record will be suppressed (the record will not be part of the data file). The total will always be displayed irrespective of n-size.
  2. When one performance level is suppressed due to n-size, and all 4 performance level ratings are present, the next lowest staff count will be suppressed (record will not be part of the file), to disallow roll-up to find the rating count for the first level suppressed and thus potentially identify educators.
  3. Records with 100% staff in one performance level are suppressed, as per state law (since in this case, any viewer would know each educator's evaluation rating). In such cases, only the total staff count record will be provided as part of the data file.

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