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Examples of ESSER Uses Maximized With Federal Funds

There is significant flexibility in how local education agencies (LEAs) may spend ESSER funds to address needs caused or worsened by COVID-19 and emerge stronger post-pandemic. The examples below offer a range of activities for consideration. The activities span uses for staff, students, and families, including stipends, consultants, programs, trainings, and material items. For each activity, a "Y" meaning "Yes" indicate other Federal funding sources that may support and sustain impact by fund braiding, as described in the Understanding ESSER and Federal Funds tab. An "N" meaning "No" indicates that the federal program is an unlikely funding source.

When braiding Federal funds is possible, remember that all existing provisions under each funding statute still apply. LEA administrators should ensure that all Federal regulations are followed, especially in tracking funds. At the same time, LEAs are encouraged to think about how an activity could benefit a broader range of students and thus could be supported by multiple funding streams. Finally, per Uniform Grant Guidance, all costs associated with funded activities must be “necessary and reasonable” to accomplish project or program objectives.

Although this resource discusses Federal laws and regulations, it is intended solely to provide general information and does not constitute legal advice. This guidance provides a general overview of allowable activities, but whether or not a particular cost can be supported with Federal funds depends on the underlying facts and circumstances and State and Federal rules (e.g. New Jersey Treasury Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Uniform Grant Guidelines, respectively). Therefore, an activity listed in this resource may not be allowable in all circumstances, and conversely, an activity not listed in this resource may be allowable. This guide was created to demonstrate how programs, strategies, or initiatives may be supported with Federal funds. Please note a school or local education agency is under no obligation to use its Federal funds for those programs or activities highlighted in this guide. 

Page Last Updated: 04/22/2024

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