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LEA Points of Contact

1.1 Pursuant to ESEA §1112(c)(5)(A), LEAs must designate a local Point of Contact (POC) for child welfare agencies if the corresponding child welfare agency notifies the LEA, in writing, that the agency has designated a POC. Please see this memo from the Department of Children and Families (DCF) which serves as notification of their designated POCs. LEAs are required to update this information in the NJDOE County District School (CDS) Information System.    

1.2  Roles and responsibilities of the LEA POC shall include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring children in foster care are enrolled in and regularly attending school;
  • Developing and coordinating local transportation procedures;
  • Facilitating the transfer of records and immediate enrollment;
  • Facilitating data sharing with the child welfare agencies, consistent with FERPA and other privacy protocols;
  • Collaborating with child welfare agencies in making and managing best interest determinations and transportation cost disputes;
  • Coordinating and ensuring implementation of Title I provisions; and
  • Providing professional development and training to school staff on the Title I provisions and educational needs of children in foster care, as needed.

1.3 When a child in foster care resides in a school district other than their school district of residence, and it has been determined that the child will attend school in the district they are placed, the POC in that school district must notify the POC in the school district of residence within 24 hours after receiving a School Notification Letter from the Division of Child Protection & Permanency (DCP&P) that the child will be attending school in their district.

1.4 Upon notification of the need for enrollment of a foster child due to a change in school placement, the POC in the school district of residence must immediately coordinate enrollment procedures with the POC in the school district where the child will attend.

SEA Point of Contact
Please contact Barbara Pugh at with specific questions.

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