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Holocaust Education Trunk 

The Holocaust itself is a point in history, one that was not too long ago, which conjures up the most difficult of images for anyone, let alone young people, to envision and discuss. Yet, it is probably the most necessary subject to be teaching. It is my hope that you, as young students will truly embrace what you learn from this unit and strive towards being an “upstander” and always speak out against injustice.

These trunk has been put together with tremendous care and devotion by the 4th generation of a Holocaust Survivor, Harli Glatt. As time gets further and further from the Holocaust, it is up to subsequent generations like Harli, and each of you, to ensure that these stories continue to be told. We look forward to hearing from each of you and having the opportunity to hear about all you have learned.

"Holocaust Teaching trunks are a way for teachers to give their students a more hands on and interactive experience when teaching about the Holocaust. Being in 7th grade myself, I know that it can be hard to relate to things that happened in the past. But I also know that education is the best way to combat hate so that we don’t repeat mistakes from the past. I created two identical teaching trunks that are meant for students in middle school and older. " -Harli Glatt

Interested in borrowing one of the trunks for your classroom?

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