New Jersey Department of Education

Recruitment of Staff and Guiding Questions

NJDOE recognizes the challenges facing so many LEAs in the area of staffing. The recruitment of appropriate and committed staff can determine the success of your summer learning program. 

For additional information, please view the National Afterschool Alliance Core Knowledge and Competencies.

The Youth Development Learning Network of the National Collaboration for Youth has specified 10 youth development worker competencies that also address practitioners’ skills in connecting with youth.

The core competencies are based on the knowledge, skills, and personal attributes needed by youth development workers to serve as resources to youth, organizations, and communities.

These core competencies include:

  • Understanding and applying child and adolescent development principles;
  • Communicating effectively and developing positive relationships with youth;
  • Facilitating age-appropriate activities for program participants;
  • Respecting and honoring cultural and human diversity;
  • Involving families and communities;
  • Working as a team and demonstrating professionalism;
  • Empowering youth;
  • Identifying potential risk and protective factors for youth;
  • Demonstrating the qualities of a positive role model; and
  • Interacting in a way that supports asset building

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