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State Health Assessment

To maintain accreditation status, the New Jersey Department of Health conducts a State Health Assessment (SHA) every five years to identify key health needs and issues through systematic, comprehensive data collection and analysis. 

The purpose of the SHA is to

  • describe the health status of the population,
  • identify areas for health improvement,
  • determine factors that contribute to poor health outcomes, and
  • define assets and resources that can be mobilized to achieve overall population health goals.  

The 2018 SHA was based on over 100 public health objectives in 20 health topic areas established in 2011 and tracked over subsequent years.  It represents a mid-decade review of each objective's progress toward target values set to be attained by 2020, as well as opinions expressed at the six regional stakeholder meetings in 2015 and from written public comments on the draft report in early 2018.  The SHA also contains data and information on

  • demographics,
  • socioeconomic characteristics,
  • quality of life,
  • health disparities,
  • other social determinants of health status, and
  • emerging public health issues.

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