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Center for Health Statistics and Informatics

About the Center for Health Statistics and Informatics
  • CHS logoThe Center for Health Statistics & Informatics (CHS) is a program in the Office of Population Health. CHS is responsible for compiling and releasing statistical information on the health of New Jersey residents. CHS publishes official reports on births, deaths, chronic illnesses, injuries, and behavioral risk factors, among other types of information. CHS provides analytical support to state and other governmental agencies to support population health initiatives.

NJ State Health Assessment Data (NJSHAD)
  • NJSHAD LogoThe NJ State Health Assessment Data (NJSHAD) System, maintained by CHS, provides access to vital statistics data, public health datasets, and other information on the health status of New Jerseyans.

NJ Violent Death Reporting System (NJVDRS)
  • NJVDRS logoThe NJ Violent Death Reporting System links data from multiple sources into a single standardized record of a violent death.  NJVDRS includes homicides, suicides, deaths resulting from legal intervention, unintentional firearm injury deaths, and injury deaths of undetermined intent.

NJ Behavioral Risk Factor Survey (NJBRFS)
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  • Barbara J Bolden, PhD, MS
    Director, Center for Health Statistics and Informatics
    Healthcare Quality and Informatics
    Office of Population Health
    55 North Willow Street, 3rd Floor East (Courier Service)
    P.O. Box 360 (Mail Delivery)
    Trenton, NJ 08625-0360

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