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State of New Jersey Deapartment of Human Services  
State of New Jersey Deapartment of Human Services
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 NJ Department of Human Services
Office of Program Integrity and Accountability
P.O. Box 700
Trenton, NJ 08625-0700

Deborah Robinson, Director
OPIA Main: 609-292-1617  Fax: 609-777-4812


OPIA is comprised of the following Offices:

Formerly Central Fingerprint Unit (CFU)

Connie Jeremias, Director
The Employment Controls and Compliance Unit (ECCU) processes requests for criminal history background information, drug testing, and CARI checks for staff working in programs and facilities within the Department of Human Services and the Department of Children and Families (DCF).



Seth Bassion, Director
Patricia Graham, Chief
The Field Safety and Services Unit strengthens protections for individuals, being served by the Department of Human Services in licensed residential settings, through unannounced visits in order to promote their health and safety.



Jill Andres, Director
Cynthia Sandt, Chief, OI Northern Region
Steve Rusin, Chief, OI Central Region
Brenda Weathington, Chief, OI Southern Region
The Office of Investigations (OI) conducts thorough, independent, objective and timely civil investigations of critical incidents and allegation involving individuals served by DHS and its community partners. As part of its investigative and quality assurance activities, OI issues individual case findings and identifies systemic concerns to help ensure the continued, safety and well-being of individuals served.



Kathy Patrick, Director
Sean O’Brien, Chief
The Office of Licensing (OOL) is the regulatory authority to license community residential programs serving persons with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries. Additionally, OOL conducts announced and unannounced visits and inspections to these settings as needed in response to concerns.



Miloni Bhatt, Director
The Office of Performance Management is comprised of three units:
Critical Incident Management Unit
Incident Verification Unit (IVU)
Investigative Resource Unit (IRU)

Jamie McCloskey, Chief
The Critical Incident Management Unit (CIMU) ensures quality oversight and management of all incident reports involving individuals served by DHS. CIMU also reviews investigations conducted by community agencies and programs to ensure accountability and quality.

The Incident Verification Unit (IVU) functions to promote the health, safety, and well-being of individuals served by the Department of Human Services through the process of conducting incident verifications in response to identified incidents and allegations alleged to have occurred at DHS facilities and community programs. The unit is charged with ensuring all verifications are completed within 48 hours of submission of the incident, in accordance with the Stephen Komninos Law.

The Investigative Resource Unit (IRU), within the Office of Performance Management (OPM), facilitates quality, consistency and compliance with Administrative Order 2:05, which addresses the reporting, managing and response to allegations and events affecting the health, safety and well-being of individuals receiving services from and/or through the Department of Human Services (DHS).


Additional units within OPIA:


Kristin Smith, Supervisor
The Research and Prevention Unit analyzes critical incident data and trends in an effort to promote best practice and reduce the recurrence of serious events.



Doug Swan, Legal Specialist
Vincent DiGiacomo, Regulatory Officer
The Administrative Practice Office manages and transmits appeals of licensing actions and Central Registry placements to the Office of Administrative Law. The office supervises the promulgation of those rules and amendments to the New Jersey Administrative Code which are the responsibility of the units within the Office of Program Integrity and Accountability. Support and legal research is provided to OPIA’s various units in the pursuit of their missions.



Sanober Haider, Ph.D., R.D.N., Director
The office of the Director of Nutrition Services is responsible for developing and implementing nutrition guidelines to ensure uniform standards of practice for all patients/clients served by the Department of Human Services.

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