Using the NJ Employee Telephone Directory

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Directory layout

The New Jersey State Employee Telephone Directory contains the following information:

  • Employee name - in the format last name, first name
  • Organizational Code - 2 letter code representing the department or other highlevel subdivision of State Government (see table below)
  • Agency - the name of the agency within the department/NJ Government subdivision
  • PO Box - Post Office Box
  • Phone - Employee phone number

Searching the directory

There a two ways to search the directory. Use the Name Only Search to look up names. Use the All Fields Search to look up names when you are less sure of the spelling or want to search on other fields in the directory. In general the Name Only Search will be easier and faster.

Using the text boxes, type in some characters to search for in the directory and use the scroll box to adjust the number of matches. Press the Search for button to start the search. Press the Reset button to clear the search fields.

Information about the directory

Telephone numbers for this listing were obtained from NJDirect - the State's enterprise directory. This information is refreshed periodically from that source. Users within the Garden State Network should use NJDirect for more complete information on State Employees. NJDirect should be available at .

To obtain more detailed employee phone information, contact the State Telephone Operators at 609-292-2121.

To find out how you can access the OIT On-line Telephone Directory, write to :

OIT, Network Services

Trenton, New Jersey  08625

Department Code List

AG	Department of Agriculture
AL	Office of Administrative Law
BI	Department of Banking & Insurance
CA	Department of Community Affairs
CC	Casino Control Commission
CD	Commission of Commerce and Economic Development
CH	Commission of Higher Education
CO	Department of Corrections 
CS	Department of Personnel
DE	Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
ED	Department of Education
EP	Department of Environmental Protection & Energy
GO	Governor's Office
GS	Garden State Preservation Trust
HI	Department of Higher Education
HL	Department of Health and Senior Services
HS	Department of Human Services
JJ	Juvenile Justice Commission
JU	The Judicary
LA	Department of Labor
LE	Legislature
LP	Department of Law & Public Safety
MP	Motion Picture Commission
OI	Office of Information Technology
PA	Office of the Public Defender
PB	Public Broadcasting Authority
PP	Palisades Interstate Park Commission
PU	Board of Public Utility	Commissioners
RP	Division of Rate Payer Advocate
SA	Student Assistance Administration
SC	Commission of Science and Technology
SP	New Jersey State Parole Board
ST	Department of State
TP	Department of Transportation
TY	Department of Treasury

Centrex/Essx Dialing Instructions

Centrex/Essx telephone service is available in several locations. Centrex is a local telephone network which permits you to dial other phones connected to the network using fewer digits.

In the Trenton, Ewing and Mercerville areas, Centrex system exchanges can be dialed directly using the number in parentheses plus the last four digits of the phone number: eg. 530-1234 dialed as 5-1234.

   Trenton   292  (2)              Ewing        530  (5)

             633  (3)              Mercerville  588  (6)

             984  (4)

Outside the Trenton, Ewing and Mercerville Centrex exchanges, you can call another phone within your Centrex by dialing the last four digits.

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