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NJ Council on Local Mandates

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About This Site

This site is designed to provide access to general source materials and background information regarding the Council, and to information regarding Complaints that have been decided by or are pending before the Council. It is not intended to be a complete source of information on the subject of local or unfunded mandates.

Through its staff, the Council will update the site on a regular basis and will indicate the timeliness of the information provided by the use of a "current through" date on the home page; if different than what appears on the home page, individual sections of the site may show "last updated" information.

If you have questions regarding events or changes that may have occurred after an update, please contact the Council staff at 609-984-9738.

Document Format

In order to provide users with easy access to information relating to the Council, most materials on this site are made available in HTML format. The Amendment to the State Constitution and the Council statute, for example, are presented in HTML and, as a result, their format may vary from the format of the official texts of those documents. Among the factors that can affect the appearance of HTML text are the Web browser and individual settings you use. Therefore, users may wish to consult the official texts of such primary resources.

Council decisions will be made available in both HTML and PDF formats. The PDF text of a decision should appear and be printable in the same format, with the same pagination and margins, as in the official paper copy of the decision.

To view a PDF document, you must install Adobe Acrobat Reader, which may be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe web site. To obtain full functionality of PDF documents, such as forms saving, you should download Acrobat Reader 8 or above.

For more information about Adobe Acrobat, and to download the software, please use this icon: Adobe Acrobat icon

Privacy, conditions of use and accessibility

The Council receives web support services from the Office of Information Technology ("OIT"), which is in the Department of Treasury of the Executive branch. As a result, OIT's policies regarding privacy, conditions of use and accessibility apply to your access to and use of this site. See Legal Notices.

Last Updated: Thursday, 08/31/23