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NJ Council on Local Mandates

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General Background

The Council, which began operations in 1996, is a bipartisan body that is independent of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of State government. Council members are directly appointed by the Governor, by the President of the Senate and the Senate Minority Leader, by the Speaker of the General Assembly and the Assembly Minority Leader, and by the Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court. A list of current Council members, and short biographical information regarding each, is available under Council Members.

Council deliberations begin with the filing of a complaint by a county, municipality, or school board, or by a county executive or mayor who has been directly elected by voters. For more information regarding case procedures, please consult Proceedings before the Council.

The definition of an “unfunded mandate” and the types of laws, rules, and regulations that the Council may not consider to be unfunded mandates are set forth in the Constitutional Amendment and the Council statute. Those texts should be consulted for a full understanding of the Council’s authority.

If you have questions regarding the information on this site or need further information about the Council and its role, please consult Questions & Answers, or contact the Council office.

Last Updated: Thursday, 08/31/23