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NJ Council on Local Mandates

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Council Rules of Procedure

The Council's Rules of Procedure govern the process by which the Council hears the cases that are brought before it. This section of the site describes how to access the Rules and summarizes recently adopted Rule changes.

How to access the Rules. From the links below, you may access the Rules of Procedure in both PDF and HTML formats. To obtain additional information about HTML and PDF formats, please refer to Document Format.

Recently adopted Rule Changes. The Council has revised its Rules, effective with this posting, in order to further streamline Complaint proceedings. The following is a summary of the major Rule revisions, with links to the specific Rules that have changed:

  • The Council has added electronic mail ("e-mail") as a method of Complaint filing, as long as Claimants deliver a hardcopy original and two copies to the Council office within two business days. See Rule 3 (a) (iv) and Rule 3 (b).
  • Other pleadings and documents following the Complaint may be filed by e-mail pursuant to instructions received from the Council office and the Council may in specific cases direct filing of such pleadings and documents by e-mail. See Rule 3 (c) and Rule 3 (g).
  • Representation of the Claimant by an attorney at law of New Jersey is preferred and recommended, but a Claimant may elect to be represented by an authorized officer or employee. See Rule 3 (e).
  • A Claimant must complete and use the Complaint form to file a Complaint, which now requires the Claimant to include an estimate of additional direct expenditures as a result of the alleged unfunded mandate. See Rule 5 (b) (i), Rule 5 (c), and Appendix 1 at paragraph II (4).
    • Note: To access a copy of the revised Complaint form, which may be filled in and saved on your computer, please use this link: Complaint form.
    • Note: To access general instructions on completing the form and filing a complaint, please refer to How to File a Complaint.
  • The Council has eliminated the previous requirement that Information Sheets be filed with Answers, Requests to Appear as Amici Curiae, Motions and Responses to Motions; however, "Pleading Summaries" (to be published on the Council website) must be included and clearly identified within each such pleading. See Rule 6 (b) (iii), Rule 7 (b) (ii), Rule 8 (b) and Rule 8 (c).

For a complete list of Rule changes, including deletions, please call, e-mail or write the Council office, as described under Address, E-mail & Telephone.

Last Updated: Thursday, 08/31/23