Family Programs

The National Guard Family Program exists for the sole purpose of supporting and educating families along the path of their National Guard life. “Family Programs” is, primarily, an Information and Referral Resource that:

There are various programs that fall under the Family Programs umbrella, to assist service members and their families. There are also Family Readiness Groups/Key Volunteer Groups, Family Readiness Assistants, Family Assistance Staff, where you, as a family member, can take full advantage of any and all services available.

Exploring this website will provide you with a good foundation regarding the services offered and the staff that manage them.





Privacy and Disclosure: New Jersey National Guard Family Programs respects your right to privacy; however, the staff members DO NOT have privileged communication. New Jersey State Family Programs Staff is required by law, with or without your consent, to contact proper authorities if they believe you intend to harm yourself or others or if family member abuse, child neglect or drug use is suspected.