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Is your chil's bus safe?
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Is your chil's bus safe?
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Checking your school bus
New Jersey has one of the most rigorous inspection processes in the country. In fact, MVC School Bus Inspection Unit inspects approximately 24,000 buses twice a year.

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* Occasionally, school buses receive inspections at locations other then their terminal. This will result in some towns being displayed in a different county then they are in. Therefore, if a bus company does not appear in the county you would expect, please try searching adjacent counties.

There are three types of stickers:

Approval Sticker
30-day Rejection sticker
Out-of-service Sticker
Approval Sticker
Valid for six months once a bus passes a scheduled inspection
30-day Rejection sticker
30 day rejection sticker for failure due to a less serious safety violation. Bus may be used for passenger transportation. All rejected items must be repaired and bus re-inspected within 30 days from date of initial inspection
Out-of-service sticker
Inspection failure due to a major safety violation. Bus cannot be used for passenger transportation until all violations are repaired

School Bus Enhanced Safety Act
Since enactment in 1998, the New Jersey School Bus Enhanced Safety Act has changed the way school buses are inspected. New Jersey has one of most stringent school bus inspection programs in the nation.

Vehicle Subject to Bus Inspection
Vehicles subject to bus inspection are any motor vehicle operated by or under contract with a public or governmental agency, religious or other charitable organization or corporation or privately operated for compensation for the transportation of children to or from:
  • school or a school connected activity
  • day and summer camps
  • nursery, preschool and child care centers
  • secular or religious education; or
  • other similar places of education

Four Types of School Bus Inspections

    One-time inspection required for new school buses prior to registration; must meet all state and federal specifications to pass
    Occurs every six months at bus company terminals after a bus passes the Specification Inspection and is registered
    Bus Unit performs surprise or unannounced inspection at a bus terminal once a month
    Bus Unit inspects school bus records as part of the scheduled and Governor's School Bus Taskforce inspections including maintenance records, driver records (CDL, Physical, Criminal History) driver daily reports of buses, and driver employment
  • Complaint Investigations
  • Accident Investigations