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Suspension and Disqualification
CDL License info
Endorsement requirements

Avoiding suspension
MVC reserves the right to deny or suspend a driver’s P or S endorsement due to information found in medical, criminal or driver history records. The following are possible reasons an endorsement may be disqualified or suspended:

Driver History review reveals
  • Accumulation of 12 or more motor vehicle violation points
  • Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Criminal History background check reveals arrests and/or convictions for
  • Deviant or illicit social behavior
  • Any crime indicative of bad moral character
  • Use or threat of bodily force

Physical Examination Form reveals medical/physical conditions such as
  • Diabetic condition
  • Serious heart condition
  • Medical condition that could cause the loss of consciousness
  • Failure to meet vision standards
MVC makes the final decision on suspending your endorsement. If you receive a scheduled notice of suspension or an order of suspension and wish to contest it, you may request a hearing. However, if you receive a direct order of suspension against the S endorsement, you must contact DOE for options for the possible restoration of the “S” endorsement. MVC can only restore the "S" endorsement upon notification from DOE.

If you are no longer operating a passenger-carrying commercial vehicle and/or a school bus, you should drop the endorsements as continuing to carry them will make you responsible for the endorsement requirements, and result in a suspension against the endorsements for noncompliance. If suspended, you will be required to submit the necessary information and pay a $100 restoration fee.