NJ Geospatial Forum

About Task Forces

Task Forces are an important component of the NJGF. As a need arises, the Executive Committee can establish a Task Force to meet a defined set of goals over a specific period of time. Forum members can volunteer to participate on one or more Task Forces. Each Task Force has a liaison on the Executive Committee. It is through this liaison that Task Forces can formally bring issues to the Executive Committee for discussion. If necessary, the issue can be raised at a NJGF meeting, and go as high as the Governor's Office for action. Thus, the members of Task Forces are truly empowered.  

Current Task Forces:


Boundaries Task Force

Mission: To educate and develop standards on the matter of legal boundaries for the purpose of protecting the public, GIS and surveying communities while increasing the value and reliability of the data in the State's enterprise GIS.


  • Educate the GIS, Surveying & Engineering communities and the public as to what a boundary is, how a boundary is created and their legal ramifications
  • Educate the GIS, Surveying & Engineering communities to the terminology of GIS parcels and surveying boundaries
  • Develop consistent standards for submission of surveys and survey data into the state's enterprise GIS

Chair: Kevin Zelinsky

Executive Committee Liaison: Russ Kauffman


Elevation Task Force


  • Provide an inventory of high-resolution elevation data currently available in New Jersey
  • Identify planned and proposed high-resolution elevation data acquisition projects at the federal, state, and local levels
  • Document the uses and benefits of high-resolution elevation data
  • Prepare cost estimates for completing a seamless statewide high-resolution elevation dataset
  • Identify potential funding sources

Chair: Roger Barlow

Executive Committee Liaison: Andy Rowan


Trails Task Force

Mission: To develop a methodology for creating and maintaining statewide datasets of trails and trailheads.


  • Identify stakeholder needs & uses of dataset
  • Identify types of trails to be mapped
  • Discuss existing data standards
  • Inventory existing trail datasets in NJ
  • Develop attribute and schema standards
  • Identify a strategy for creating, updating, and hosting data

Chair: Brandee Chapman
Co-Chair: Tanya Nolte

Executive Committee Liaison: Mike Shanahan


Zoning Task Force

Mission: To seek an understanding of the current status of zoning data within New Jersey.


  • Provide an inventory of currently available zoning data
  • Identify planned or proposed updates to zoning data
  • Identify areas where digital zoning data does not exist
  • Identify potential resources to get data into digital format or to help establish a regular maintenance schedule

Chair: Barbara Faga