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  The State Athletic Control Board was established by the Legislature in 1985 (N.J.S.A. 5:2A et. seq.) to ensure that all public boxing and other combative sports exhibitions, events, performances and contests are subject to an effective and efficient system of strict control and regulation.  
  The Board's main purpose is to protect the safety and well being of all participants and promote the public confidence and trust in the regulatory process and conduct of public boxing and other combative sports.  
  1. Provide general conduct, supervision, and oversight of public boxing and other combative sports contestants, promoters, officials, and physicians at all events and weigh-ins to ensure that contests are conducted in accordance with State Athletic Control Board regulations.
  2. Approve and regulate scheduling of proposed events.
  3. Develop, prescribe and charge fees for licensure.
  4. Ensure equal competitiveness among contestants through establishment, conduct and strict supervision of contestant eligibility to participate with contracted opponents as well as contestant eligibility for licensure.
  5. Issue licenses and decide causes affecting the granting, suspension, revocation or renewal thereof.
  6. Establish, levy and collect fines and fees; conduct hearings and/or impose suspensions for violations of regulations, policies, and procedures.
  7. Appoint, supervise, train and monitor all officials and ringside physicians to ensure accurate and fair performance and medical evaluations of all contestants.
  8. Levy and collect all event media and gate receipts in accordance with prescribed schedules.
  9. Conduct special studies and investigations to evaluate and improve agency/industry efficiency and effectiveness in accordance with SACB regulations.
  10. Verify, record, and register with the United States Federal Registry all show results as official historical information.
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