The County Planning Incentive Grant is a new program that encourages a comprehensive planning process for farmland preservation at the county level. It offers several other advantages over the traditional easement purchase program, including enabling counties to accept to accept and process farmland preservation applications year-round, rather than once a year; reducing the timeframe from landowner application to closing; and rewarding counties that complete transactions in a timely manner with the potential for additional funding.

Application Process

Summary of Planning Incentive Grant Process

Policy P-14E (prioritization of project areas and individual applications)

Guidelines for Developing Comprehensive Farmland Preservation Plans 

Project Area Summary Form

2016 Annual Application (Submit by December 15, 2014)

Individual Farm Application (Word) 

Frequently Asked Questions 


Implementation Details, Procedure 1 

Implementation Details, Procedure 2
Appendix A -- Deadline Dates for FY2015
Appendix B -- Checklist for Final Review

Implementation Details, Procedure 3


Minimum Quality Scores for the County PIG Program
  2007-2008 (1/2/07 through 12/30/08)
  CY 2009
  CY 2010
  CY 2011
  CY 2012
  CY 2013
  CY 2014
  CY 2015

Imminence of Change Index Table -- 2014

Application and Funding Status Reports

Approved County Comprehensive Farmland Preservation Plans