Translator Disclaimers
The Office of Cable Television is responsible for ensuring safe and proper cable service to approximately two and a half million subscribers in New Jersey. It regulates basic rates as permitted by federal law which exempts small systems or those facing competition, and also regulates the technical operations and quality of cable service supplied by cable TV systems operating in the state. The Division consists of the Bureau of Accounts; the Bureau of Inspection and Enforcement, which handles customer complaints; and the State and Local Planning Unit.
Bureau of Accounts
The Bureau of Accounts reviews the rates charged for basic service by some regulated cable companies offering service within the state. It also reviews consolidations, sales, transfers, and mergers proposed by cable companies.
Bureau of Inspection and Enforcement
The Bureau of Inspection and Enforcement consisting of the Investigative and Technical Units reviews the operational and technical plans submitted by cable companies to ensure compliance with state and federal law and terms and conditions set forth in their Certificates of Approval. The Bureau performs field

inspections of cable companies’ physical plant as well.

The Bureau also handles Customer Complaints and Inquiries that are resolved by staff from both units. However, all complaints received by mail, email or the customer assistance “hotline” (1-800-624-0331), are normally processed first

by the Investigative Unit.

Staff is available to answer your calls weekdays at: 1-800-624-0331 (except for holidays). For your convenience, an on-line complaint form is available.

State and Local Planning Unit
The State and Local Planning Unit oversees the franchising and re-franchising process for New Jersey’s municipalities. It also administers the Municipal Assistance program that provides municipalities with the information necessary to successfully complete franchise negotiations.