Office of the Commissioner:

Richard E. Constable, III

Charles A. Richman
Deputy Commissioner
Main Number: (609) 292-6420
Melissa Orsen
Deputy Commissioner
David Reiner
Assistant Commissioner
Stacy Bonnaffons
Assistant Commissioner
Paul B. Macchia
Chief of Staff

Neda Hartman
Language Access Program Coordinator


Division Directors:

Division of Codes and Standards (609) 292-7899 main Edward Smith
Division of Fire Safety (609) 633-6106 main William Kramer
Acting Director
Division of Housing & Community Resources (609) 633-6286 main

Division of Local Government Services (609) 292-6613 main Timothy Cunningham
Sandy Recovery Division  (609) 633-1328 main Laura Shea


Government Records Council (609) 292-6830 main
New Jersey Historic Trust (609) 984-0473 main Dorothy Guzzo
Executive Director
New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance
(609) 278-7400 main Anthony Marchetta
Executive Director 
New Jersey Redevelopment Authority (609) 292-3739 main Leslie Anderson
Executive Director
Urban Enterprise Zone Program (609) 292-1912 main