The New Jersey Weatherization Assistance Program assists elderly, handicapped and low-income persons in weatherizing their homes, improving their heating system efficiency and conserving energy.  Bid opportunities are available through the annual U.S. Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program. Please review Weatherization Policy Manual Chapter 6 [pdf 279kB]. 




Post Date

Bid Close Date

Bid Opportunities


Contract Awardee

9/28/15 10/8/15 Heating System Replacement [pdf 789kB] PACO, Inc. TBD
8/14/15 9/3/15 Weatherization/Window Replacement [pdf 247kB] Passaic County TBD
7/15/15 8/6/15 HIP 11 Grant - Hot Water System Replacement [pdf 199kB] Bayonne Eco. Oppo. Foundation TBD
6/15/15 6/25/15 Bid Package #329 [pdf 101kB] Camden OEO Arthur's Heating/EIC
5/26/15 6/4/15 Bid Opportunities Madison Housing Authority [pdf 140kB] PROCEED, Inc. TBD
5/5/15 5/15/15 Bid Pkg. #328 [pdf 102kB] Camden OEO EIC, Inc.
4/27/15 5/8/15 Boiler Replacement at Monsignor in Passaic [pdf 77kB] Passaic County Silva's Mechanical
4/27/15 5/7/15 DOE/LIHEAPWAP Insulation and Ventilation Package [pdf 75kB] PROCEED, Inc. Divine Energy Solutions
4/27/15 5/7/15 DOE/LIHEAPWAP Windows and Door Package [pdf 75kB] PROCEED, Inc. C. A. Spinella
(for pick up)
4/13/15 LIHEAP 1-2015 [pdf 454kB] MCOHA Divine Energy
3/23/15 4/9/15
11 am sharp
19-29 Stratford Pl Commercial Heating Retrofit [pdf 326kB]

La Casa De Don Pedro

Blue Plus Green
2/26/15 3/10/15
11 am
Domestic Hot Water System Upgrade [pdf 10kB] PROCEED, Inc. Excelsior Plumbing Co., Inc.
2/20/15 3/4/15
11 am
Bid Package # 327 [pdf 29 kB] Camden County O.E.O. EIC Shell/Magrann Insulation
1/22/15 2/10/15
1:30 pm
Amendment to Bid LIHEAP 11/13-PWAP1501-001 [pdf 560kB] PACO, Inc. Window City Inc.
2/2/15 2/17/15
2 pm Sharp
Energy Saving Home Repair [pdf 325kB]

La Casa De Don Pedro

E.I.C., Inc./Window Plus
2/2/15 2/17/15
11 am Sharp
19-29 Stratford Pl Commercial Heating Retrofit [pdf 361kB]

La Casa De Don Pedro

All bids have been rejected - This project will be rebid.
1/22/15 2/3/15 Harrison Gardens Housing Complex Repairs [pdf 781kB] PACO, Inc. Bid has been rejected - This project will be rebid.