The New Jersey Weatherization Assistance Program assists elderly, handicapped and low-income persons in weatherizing their homes, improving their heating system efficiency and conserving energy.  Bid opportunities are available through the annual U.S. Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program.    



Post Date

Bid Close Date

Bid Opportunities


Contract Awardee

10/3/16, 10/4/16, 10/5/16 for bid package pickup 10/17/16 11:00 am Window Replacement [220 kB] La Casa De Don Pedro  
9/23/16 10/4/16 10:30 am Bid pkg #336 [129 kB] Camden County O.E.O.  
9/26/16 10/06/16 2:30 pm Heating System Replacement and Other Related Work for 244 4th Street, Jersey City [723 kB] PACO, Inc.  
9/26/16 10/06/16 1:30 pm Window Replacement, Repair and Other Related Work for 92-96 Waldo Avenue, Jersey City [702 kB] PACO, Inc.  
9/26/16 (for pickup) 10/05/16 10:10 am LIHEAP 02-2016 (10 units) [419 kB] Morris County Organization for Hispanic Affairs  
9/12/16 9/20/16 Weatherization Window Replacement At Daughters of Miriam [pdf 143kB] Passaic County  
7/11/16 7/26/16 Bid PKG #335 [pdf 135kB] Camden County O.E.O. Insulation-McGrann Shell - Ocasio
7/18/16 7/27/16
LIHEAP 1-2016 [pdf 429kB] Morris County Org. Hispanic Affairs TBD
6/19/16 6/30/16 Bid PKG #334 [pdf 38kB] Camden County O.E.O. Arthur's Insulation
5/18/16 6/3/16 Boiler Replacement - Paterson [pdf 138kB] Passaic County Rescheduled for
5/9/16 5/25/16
11 am sharp
Windows Replacement Projects - East Orange [pdf 308kB] La Casa De Don Pedro MegaWindows
5/1/16 5/12/16
11 am
Bid PKG #333 [pdf 103kB] Camden County O.E.O. -Ocasio Contractors
-Arthur's Heating
4/28/16 5/16/16
11 am Sharp
Energy Related Home Repair [pdf 344kB] La Casa De Don Pedro Bid will be rescheduled
4/27/16 5/12/16 Residential Windows/Doors Repairs [pdf 78kB]  Passaic CA
4/27/16 5/12/16 Insulation and Ventilation Repair with other Energy Conservation Measures [pdf 78kB]  Passaic Divine
3/15/16 3/31/16 11:30 am Sharp Window Replacement Project [pdf 326kB] La Casa De Don Pedro Bid Cancelled
3/9/16 3/18/16
Insulation & other related work for annual WAP Services [pdf 241kB] PACO, Inc. Bid not awarded
2/29/16 3/23/16 Neptune Housing Authority Boiler & DHW
replacements [pdf 87kB] 
Ocean, Inc. Not awarded
2/22/16 3/14/16
11am Sharp
70 S. Burnet and 210 N. Grove E. Orange [pdf 374kb]  La Casa De Don Pedro


1/21/16 2/4/16
DOE/LIHEAP(WAP) Bid Pkg.#332 [pdf 100kB] Camden County O.E.O. Arthur's Heating Ocasio Contractors
1/19/16 2/1/16 11pm DOE/LIHEAP WAP - Insulation, Ventilation, Doors and Windows [pdf 7kB] Norwescap Eastrern Contracting Services, LLC
(For pick up)
10:10 am
LIHEAP 3-2015 [pdf 485kB] MCOHA Divine Energy Solutions
12/23/15 01/07/16
1:30 pm
Window Replacement & related work for annual Weatherization Services [pdf 731kb] - Amendment#1 for bid closing date [pdf 171kb] PACO, Inc. Mega-Pro exterior solutions
12/23/15 01/07/16
12 Noon
Insulation & other related work for Weatherization Services [pdf 739kB] - Amendment #1 for bid closing date [pdf 172kB] PACO, Inc. EC Home Repairs