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April 28, 2008

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(08/29) TRENTON - Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Lisa P. Jackson today marked the beginning of Air Quality Awareness Week by reminding residents that just a few simple changes every day can contribute to a cleaner, greener environment.

“This special week offers an opportunity to focus more attention on the ways we directly affect the quality of our air and the steps we can take to improve our environment at home, at work and throughout our communities,” Commissioner Jackson said.

During Air Quality Awareness Week, which runs from April 28 through May 2, residents are encouraged to make environmentally friendly changes in the way they drive, use energy, purchase a host of products, and maintain their homes and yards. Embracing a greener lifestyle can be as easy as combining automobile trips, carpooling, using “green” cleaning products and manual lawn-care equipment, and switching to energy-efficient light bulbs, for example.

Using special calculators, available on the DEP’s Web site, residents and their families can gauge their impact on environmental quality and learn more about changing daily habits.

Following are some tips for contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment:

  • Be conscious of how much you drive. Always combine trips, use public transportation, or carpool when possible. Maintain your vehicle, including adequate tire pressure.

  • Think before you buy. Choose one of the reusable coffee mugs at your local coffee shop instead of purchasing coffee in a disposable cup. Avoid other disposable products as well.

  • Change the way you maintain your yard. Use manual or electric equipment instead of gas-powered tools as well as water- and energy-efficient products, organic pesticides and fertilizers, and solar landscape lighting.

  • Using the home energy analysis found on the DEP's special Air Quality Awareness Week Web site, conduct a self-audit and find out how much energy you are using. Then take steps to reduce your energy use and start saving energy and money.

For more information on Air Quality Awareness Week, visit:



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